About Us

About Us

The Frederick Clay Studio was founded in February 2011, as a spin off from The Little Pottery Shop. Over the years we have had many requests from our customers and visitors while shopping in our retail store who wanted to learn to work with clay. We were also approached by hobbiests and those who wanted to advance their established knowledge of clay, as well as those who had not touched clay before, we thought it looked like fun!


Over the past 6 years we have worked to educate our students about the possibilities of clay through class projects, off-site firings, workshops, and video potluck dinners. We have hosted raku firings and pit firings here at the studio. We have also participated in off-site firings at Baltimore Clayworks and Sherman Ceramics, firing with wood, and at the home of Denise Joyal, soda firing in her kiln.


Our workshops have been a highlight here at Frederick Clay Studio. We have hosted Kevin Crowe, Catherine White, Tony Clennell, Ellen Shankin, Gary Stevenson, Fong Choo, Kristen Kiefffer, Steven Hill, Dick Lehman, and Linda Arbuckle. It has been our great pleasure to host these workshops and learn from these world class studio potters and educators who are leaders in the field of clay.


Our mission at the Frederick Clay Studio is to educate and expand our students’ knowledge of clay. To teach technical skill through hand-building, wheel courses, and glaze application, that will allow our students the ability to achieve their desired goals in clay. To enjoy and explore, together and individually, the possibilities that clay offers as a material with which we express our creativity.

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